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Curated antiques & vintage jewelry by collectors and interior consultants, Avril Nolan & Quy Nguyen | Art Deco, Wedgwood, African Art, Ceramics, 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century, Rare
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Minimalist collectors. 


Free of nostalgia, we look back to look forward. We view vintage and antiques with a modernist eye, exploring how past forms have shaped present ideas.


Always with an appreciation of craftsmanship, quality and timelessness, we travel the world collecting iconic pieces that are as relevant today as when first created. Pieces that tell a story, pieces that have a soul, pieces that bring a home to life.


We want to inspire and surprise. To simplify rather than overwhelm. To shift perceptions and encourage people to re-think the world of objects. To see old and new as one.


– Avril Nolan & Quy Nguyen, FORM Atelier