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Curated antiques & vintage jewelry by collectors and interior consultants, Avril Nolan & Quy Nguyen | Art Deco, Wedgwood, African Art, Ceramics, 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century, Rare
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Minimalist collectors.

We specialize in nothing.

We seek what we’re not looking for.

We’re inspired by the modernity in antiques.

FORM was born from a love of art, objects, travel, and discovery. Custodians rather than collectors, we live with the pieces we sell — to learn from them, to see them in a different light, and then to pass that knowledge on.

Our interests and expertise are diverse, but our eye is distinct. We believe a little can say a lot. Though we surround ourselves with objects, it’s not about excess, it’s about selectivity.

Ever-evolving, we are a New York-based antiques store and interiors consultancy.

– Avril Nolan & Quy Nguyen, FORM Atelier